Sociedad cooperativa de productores de cacao de
El Salvador de R.L.y C.V. (ES-CACAO)
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The mission of ES-CACAO is to promote the standardization of fine cacao in El Salvador, as well as the appropriate processing procedures in order to guarantee top export  quality cacao for the international gourmet markets.

ES-CACAO projects itself at the national level, in the hope to include all cacao growers no matter their plantation size.  Its only request is that the cacao be of fine quality, to be grown with respect and collaboration with mother nature and to follow the mystic of returning the historic cultivation of cacao to El Salvador.

THE CACAO TREE:  A full grown cacao tree can reach a height of 6 to 12 meters, flowers and fruit develop directly on the trunk and branches.  It is generally cultivated in warm and humid geographical areas where rain reaches more than 2,000 mm per year.  The fruit ripens throughout the year and  its shape and color varies according to varieties or type of cacao.  From the seeds of its fruit derives the chocolate.

NATURE BENEFITS:  The renewal of cacao cultivation in El Salvador will greatly benefit “flora and fauna” in the country, through its association with forestry which in turn helps to fight global warming.

The cultivation of cacao is not new to El Salvador, before and during the Spanish Conquest, it was one of the centers that most produced and sold cacao.  That is how the region of Izalco became so important to the Spaniards.  In Colonia documents found in Sevilla, Spain it is specified that the cacao cultivation was in the hands of the indians and that it was mostly lost due to plagues. 

We encourage you to explore our site and read about the exciting progress of restoring this precious commodity back to El Salvador.
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Mayan vessel from Joya de Cerén
Above:Old Criollo Cacao from El Salvador